Compassion Parochial Clinic

150 E. Chestnut St.

Mifflinburg, PA   17844

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

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Our Staff
Tim Stoltzfus -Administrator

David E Tanner, D.O.
Linda Stoltzfus -Adm. Assistant,

Stacy Chubb, CRNP

Laurie DerrLPN

Glen D. Yoder  - Bookkeeper

Our Vision

As with most ventures, Compassion Parochial Clinic, started out as an idea.  Well, actually, as a personal family experience.  A very blessed, positive experience at that! 

Now, to really get a feel for how it happened, you will need to personally talk with Matt Byler, our Chairman and Founder.  Perhaps we can eventually get him to relate it here. For now, as I recall, this is a bit of what happened. 

A number of years ago, (think 5?) Matts as a family were enjoying a relaxing day with friends in the Lancaster Co area in south-eastern PA.  During the course of playing with others, Matt's son cut his finger quite severely. 

The local family with whom they were visiting suggested they immediately take their son to the New Holland, Parochial Medical Center.  At the self-pay clinic, the needed medical attention was quickly and efficiently given.  They paid the modest bill and returned to the evening events.

This so impressed Matt and his family, that he said; "What if we had such a clinic in our home area of Mifflinburg?"   As they say...."the rest is history".

The clinic will be a good solution if you don't have insurance or have a high deductible.  Our goal is to keep medical costs affordable.  This includes working with other physicians and hospitals to help you receive good care at a reasonable price.


Board of Directors:


Matt Byler - Chairman/ Founder

(570) 847-8686

Amos Kauffman - Secretary

(570) 428-9419

Mark Wenger - Treasurer

(570) 713-4440

Ben Hartranft - PA

(570) 658-3860

Amos Speicher - Member

(717) 439-8889

J. D. Martin - Member

(570) 966-9655

Earl Martin- Member

(570) 966-4796

Timothy Stoltzfus - Administrator

(570) 412-1160

David E King - Member

(570) 966-3791




A question we often hear is "Do you accept insurance?"

By design and intent, we are a full service self-pay medical facility.  We do not submit an insurance claim in your behalf.  At check-out, you should be prepared to pay your bill in full.


If you do have insurance, you are most welcome to check with your carrier, as to whether or not they will privately reimburse you for services rendered at CPC.




Mandi Shive, -Phlebotomist                 

                             -Medical Assistant